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Charlotte Macro Nutrition
Start your nutrition journey TODAY!

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Charlotte Macro Nutrition
Start your nutrition journey TODAY!

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Charlotte Macro Nutrition
Start your nutrition journey TODAY!

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Charlotte Macro Nutrition
Start your nutrition journey TODAY!

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Charlotte Macros is a Charlotte-based nutrition, wellness, and fitness coaching program


Our program is designed to help you feel better, improve your energy, and achieve your weight and fitness goals through individualized nutrition programs that fit your specific lifestyle. Our coaches are local to Charlotte and are able to work with customers face-to-face or virtually anywhere in the world.

What are Macros?


Macros consist of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.


Clients will learn how to properly fuel their body with the appropriate amount of calories.

Macros Calculated

Your macro coach will calculate your macros based on your age, height, weight and activity level.

Reach Your Goals

This information is vital to help your coach guide you towards your goals in accomplishing weight loss, reverse dieting or adding muscle tone to your physique.

Macro Nutrition
Values & Benefits

The knowledge to learn how to fuel your body for success

Added energy

Freedom to enjoy food
without guilt

Who is a good fit?

  • Someone who is committed to their health.
  • Someone who is tired of dieting, restricting and not getting the results they are looking for.
  • Macro nutrition is a lifestyle; it is about educating yourself on how to properly fuel your body. Are you wanting to feel more energized? Have better sleep quality? Improve your skin and overall appearance?
  • Macro nutrition can help improve your relationship with food.
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What will my macro
coaching look like?

The Cut

Once clients have successfully reached their maintenance calories they will be coached through a caloric deficit.

The timing of the deficit can range from 8, 12 or at most 16 weeks. During the deficit the coach will be adjusting protein, fats and carbohydrates to keep the metabolism high and focus on fat loss. Clients bio-feedback (energy and hunger levels) will be reviewed to determine how long a client is in the cutting phase.

Macro counting is not a quick fix but if clients stick to their goals the results can last a lifetime.

Reverse Dieting

Reversing to maintenance consists of working up to your maintenance caloric intake. This is the amount of calories your body needs to function based on your activity level.

We slowly increase your caloric intake until we reach your caloric max. This is where our body resides most of the year. We want to be in this phase the longest to maximize our bodies abilities to grow muscle, burn fat, improve energy, sleep habits and mental acuity.

Reversing to maintenance will help improve our metabolic function after years of dieting!

Meet Coaches

Michele Pulaski | Charlotte Macros coach

Michele Pulaski

After a long journey of gut health issues, food restriction, many alternative therapies, a few MD and RD disappointments I started focusing on macro nutrients. I began working with a macro coach to build my metabolism after years of under eating. My goal was to feel better, to rid my body of inflammation and bloating. To enjoy food again without fear or restricting. The biggest take away for me and what I want for my clients is food freedom, life freedom through macros. It is my goal to educate people on the importance of how nutrition fuels the body and allows you to feel strong and healthy both inside and out. I cant Wait to help you on your journey!

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Blood work showed no signs of Chron’s disease, however, it did show that she had Oxidative Stress, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, and high toxicity, specifically Mercury, and she was put on a plethora of vitamins because her body was not absorbing nutrients.  Michele knew about Macro Nutrition but was overwhelmed with where to begin. She began to research online and found a coach whom she connected with and signed up for a 12-week coaching session. This coach put her on a reverse maintenance diet in an effort to build her metabolism because she discovered that she was under-eating for the lifestyle that she lead. The first 3 weeks were tough. She found herself full and still had another meal to eat.  She was feeling bloated, and gassy and was not wanting to eat as much as her coach requested, but she stuck to the plan!  4 weeks later, she experienced what she calls a “woosh” and her metabolism and energy were back and the bloating was gone! Michele’s goal was not to lose weight, but to feel better and enjoy food again without fear or restricting food from her lifestyle. The biggest takeaway for Michele, and what she wants for her clients is food freedom through macros. Through her coaching, Michele aims to educate people on the importance of how nutrition fuels the body and allows you to feel strong and healthy both inside and out and she can’t wait to help you on your journey.

Karli Greene | Charlotte Macros Coach

Karli Greene

Growing up as a dancer Karli learned at a young age that food would help to fuel her busy week full of dance classes. Throughout the years many of her Pilates clients were interested in the healthy recipes she would create and get excited about making. After having her two girls her life became much more hectic and the time she took to prepare her food became much less. She began to look into different programs to lose the last of the baby weight, fuel her body to balance her hormones and get back the energy she once had. This naturally led her to learn about macronutrients and how no food group is off limits. She is excited to share her story and help future clients feel confident in their bodies and accomplish any of the goals they/ve always wanted but didn’t know were possible.

Plans & Offerings

Coaching 1:1


This program will have its ups and downs there will be moments when you don’t feel you are where you want to be. Then there will be moments you feel at your best! I am here to help you navigate through this journey to a healthier happier you. I  am here to support you when most needed, hold you accountable, give you the tools to help you meet your goals and educate you along the way. It is my goal to help you have a better relationship with your body, with food and with your lifestyle that best suits you. This is not about restriction it is a program to improve your metabolism so you feel at your best both inside and out! 



  • Macro calculations
  • 12 week 1:1 macro nutrition coaching
  • Tracking guides and tools
  • Macro friendly recipe ideas
  • Grocery lists to make cooking effortless
  • Weekly tracking intake check-in
  • Checking in (EST) to assess progress
  • Offer guidance
  • Answer any questions 

One time Personalized Macro Calculation


This one time personalized Macro Count is for the self motivator. If you feel confident in holding yourself accountable and putting the work in then this option is for you! This is not a meal plan and does NOT include coaching. It is intended to help you learn how to incorporate your favorite foods into your diet while making progress toward your goals.



  • Detailed guide on what macros are
  • Tips and tricks on how to track your food
  • Macro friendly grocery list ideas and simple recipes for suggestions
  • Personalize macro count based on your goals
  • Sample of daily food intake

Group Macro Coaching



  • 4 week journey to improving your health!
  • One time macro count
  • Facebook page community support and accountability
  • Recipes
  • Workouts
  • Macro nutrition basics
  • 2 live discussions to help answer questions, or specialized topics to help improve your knowledge and journey with macros.

Are you ready to start your journey
towards a healthier lifestyle?

Have questions before applying?